Designer Priscilla Saputro started Batik Nyonya Indo with her husband Moses Saputro, a textile visionary, in 1998 in Yogyakarta, one of the foremost center of the art of batik making in Indonesia. In more than 10 years exploration of batik making tradition and new fashion ideas, her batiks have been collected by Indonesia’s socialites as well as general batik lovers and expatriats, who often visits Batik Nyonya Indo’s boutiques in Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta, Sheraton Mustika Resort and Spa Yogyakarta, Hotel Tentrem Yogyakarta, and Bellezza Shopping Arcade Permata Hijau Jakarta.

Batik Nyonya Indo’s designs of hand-drawn batik (batik tulis) and ready to wear clothes are known for their dynamism, festivity and forward-looking élan. At the same time, they are revivals of many (forgotten) deeply meaningful Javanese batik patterns. The multiple application of wax by hand using canthing, a traditional Javanese batik-making tools, which allows selective coloring in the dyeing process is an age-old method that Batik Nyonya Indo uses together with revived batik making know-hows that Javanese had been known for centuries.

By applying its own “artisanal management” (manajemen artisan) approach, Batik Nyonya Indo has worked with more than 250 batik artisans in its workshops in Yogyakarta, Central and West Java, and many more in various batik making centers, facilitating knowledge transfer from older artisans to younger ones and ensuring their livelihood’s stability. Combined with a vision of “Limitless Aesthetics” (EstetikaTak Berbatas) in design, Priscilla Saputro has constantly been successful in bringing tradition in a flair of novelty and always-at-present characters to her loyal clients.
For Priscilla, batik is Indonesia as a whole in a piece of cloth: its splendor, spirit, values, and natural habitat. These are endless material for constant exploration to discover new visual definitions of what beauty and identity are in fashion.


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